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Thread: Carpeting the garage: Job done.

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    Got a load of 600 x 600 rubber backed tiles from this place, so the plan was to tile the garage this morning. My Dad took a load for his spare bedroom, so I had about fifty left to do the 4m x 3m odd shaped garage. Turns out I had plenty left afterwards.

    FREE used carpet tiles For Insulation | eBay

    They still have plenty left so going again tomorrow to get some more.

    Before. I didn't take any specific pictures, but this gives you an idea of the rough concrete floor. It's cold, and constantly needs sweeping for dust and debris.

    Much better.
    I didn't bother gluing them down as the rubber backing seems to keep them in place well enough even when rolling the bike on the paddock stand over them. Had to do a bit of fettling for the Hardie ground anchor, and didn't go up to the edge on one side as the wall's aren't parallel, so it would have taken an age to cut and shape them all.

    Now with the bike and all the crap back in

    Just bought a 15 Dyson off ebay that'll do as a garage hoover to keep it clean. Pretty happy with the results as a rough and ready job.
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    is not fixed no more.

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    No one tell screwdriver or they'll all be gone

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    If you still find dust a problem from the concrete underneath the carpet tiles, it might be worth lifting the tiles and giving the conrete a liberal coating with a PVA glue solution.

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    If you have any left over, consider putting some on the wall for when you need to rest anything against it.

    I used to have some for where the car door opened - when the car used to fit in there before the bike and beer fridge took precedence.

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    Jesus, will you clean that place up please, it's given me the itch.

    Tidy work place, tidy mind (or something like that )

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