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Thlevel 2pcs 12v/24v Car USB Charger

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The Thlevel 2pcs 12v/24v Car USB Charger is a set of two USB charging ports that can be used to charge electronic devices in a car, truck, or other vehicle. The charger is designed to work with both 12V and 24V power sources, making it compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

Each USB port provides 2.1 amps of charging power, which is enough to charge most smartphones, tablets, and other devices quickly and efficiently. The charger also features built-in over-current and over-voltage protection to prevent damage to the connected devices.

The Thlevel Car USB Charger is easy to install and comes with a mounting bracket and screws, making it easy to attach to a convenient location in the vehicle. The charger is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you on the go.

Overall, the Thlevel 2pcs 12v/24v Car USB Charger is a convenient and practical accessory for anyone who needs to charge electronic devices while on the go. Its compatibility with both 12V and 24V power sources and its high-speed charging capabilities make it a reliable and useful addition to any vehicle.