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  1. 40 Something biker

    He he he

    I'm going to track my fitness improvement, mainly to annoy Pax

    Today's BMF session at Stoke Park in Guildford went much better then the previous ones (well, this was lesson 3) It's funny that last week I was absolutely knackered but this week I think I paced myself too much and wasn't completely knackered at the end of the session.

    My shoulder/neck has stopped hurting and I hope I don't get the agony that I had last Monday.
  2. The first entry :)

    First Blog entry - more to come..
  3. The footsteps of an aspiring young photographer.

    by , 26-01-08 at 08:32 (The footsteps of an aspiring young photographer.)
    Well I suppose someone should start using the features that WB is providing for us.
    As I have a piss poor and boring life, I think the best way forward for me on a Blog is to track the progress of my attempts at photography.

    I recently bought a Canon 400D Digital SLR, with the intent to start getting in to photography.
    I have always loved taking pictures with crappy little cameras and I once even won an award for one of my photos. (No longer have a copy, but it is a ...

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