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  1. The Basic Curry Sauce

    by , 26-01-08 at 15:49 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    The following guide is something I have put together to help provide a starting point for people wanting to cook curries at home. I don’t cook to exact measurements and generally curries are not overly affected if you vary what goes in. For example you may use 2 large onions instead of 3 medium onions or add more or less chilli, its all to taste really.

    The first recipe is the way my mum taught me to cook curry. I’m the youngest of 6 children, after raising 4 girls I guess ...
    Curry Recipes
  2. The Basic Curry Sauce - theres more

    by , 26-01-08 at 15:56 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    Chilli mix

    Most Indians will make up what is best described in english as a base chilli paste known as a sambal. This is basically chillies, ginger and garlic with a little oil and vinegar. Place the ginger in a food processor and process till it is smooth. Add the chillies and whole garlic and process so that the chillies and garlic are about very small pieces i.e. the size of the chilli seeds. Slow the processor so it is just stirring the mix, and dribble in a little oil and white ...
    Curry Recipes
  3. Pullover existed!

    I can't believe I've finally found evidence of a kids tv programme I remember from my youth...a programme called Pullover which was about a monkey toy made from a child's favourite pullover (hence the clever name )

    But thanks to the wonder that is Wikipedia, there is finally proof that I'm not nuts and didn't imagine the programme, but it actually existed...either that or there are two of us that imagined the same imaginery programme!

    Pullover Productions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...
    Random Stuff
  4. Some indian veggie favorites

    by , 24-01-10 at 19:17 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    A quick update, some veggie dishes. These can be served as main courses, starters or as an accompaniment to the main course.

    Spinach and Potato Curry

    500g Spinach
    700g potato cut into 1 inch chunks
    1 onion thinly sliced
    1tsp black mustard seeds
    2 crushed garlic cloves
    1tsp lazy ginger (or a 1inch piece finely chopped)
    1tsp chilli powder
    1tsp salt
    ½ cup of water

    1. Wash and trim the spinach, blanch ...
    Curry Recipes
  5. Building a sea kayak from scratch.....

    by , 18-06-12 at 22:06 (Funners multi coloured waffle....)
    Well, having decided to look at this kayaking m'larky but being tight and unwilling to fork out vast sums for the pleasure...
    I decided to build me own boat....
    this could be interesting

    1st stop was finding a design I liked...I dislike some of the designs which look (to my eyes) like "Billy's 1st Kayak"
    a design found, by Selway Fisher, the plans were purchased and an adventure embarked upon !

    The basic premise of the design is sheets ...
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