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  1. terror has a name

    the following is part of a larger piece which I've posted up here because I'm interested in generational differences etc. See thread in General.


    My goodness we were so lucky to not only to live in the right time but to be the age we were. And so safe as well. Not for us listening around the radio like our grandparents or perhaps even parents, hearing ...

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  2. Itís time.

    I went to visit Visordown yesterday, this was the forum most of the people on TRC were using when we first met.
    I was saddened to discover that it no longer exists.
    When I joined that forum, Facebook was still asking which college you were at ( it was an online meeting place for students), everyone had a email address, and Amazon was, to most people, how you described a large but attractive woman, or a rain forest.

    I feel I know why the formal forum environment ...
  3. Reflections about an online bike community

    They say you don't know what you've got till it's gone, and for many here, we nearly experienced the loss of a community we all share a bit of lives within.
    Fortunately there was an alternative venue for the community to move to, and the loss was averted.

    But VD still exists right? So how can I say the community was nearly lost?

    Well, a community is a machine of many cogs and springs. It is also only as good as the people who make up its population.
  4. Personal values ..

    Looking back though some old photos recently, it made me think hard about the label 'biker' and what it means to me, and I decided that although there are no photos of me bungee'd to my dad as he rode me round the garden on his BSA, I know it happened, and wonder if that experience planted the first seed of my biker path. My dad got rid of the bike when I was three and a half and never rode another one until I was seventeen, so is it learned behaviour or is it deeper than that? Are some people just ...
    Life ..
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