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  1. Hurty Paw

    Currently coming at you live from Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s ‘Radiography Department’ or whatever the fuck they call the cluster of sweaty grey school chairs adorning this corridor.
    Should I be blogging via my mobile phone in an X-Ray dept? Possibly not, but on the chart of Heinous Ward Crimes it must rank lower than Snaggle Tooth Shantelle next to me whom for the third time in an hour has just offered me a swig of her Vodka from a Lucozade bottle.
    Least she’s a generous sort. ...
  2. Just RIDE!

    Ahh, the Saturday of a long Bank Holiday weekend. There's some deeper story about Jesus dying and then coming back as a Zombie and rolling rocks around caves or something, but I like to think of it as just Time Off Work.

    I even get paid for these Bank Holidays these days!

    The forecast all weekend had been heavy rain, but last night a quick futile check showed sun for Saturday and Sunday! Holy shit, Batman!

    I tried to round up some troops to come for ...
  3. Letting go

    It's been seven months since my little girl started school, and yet it's only the last week that things have really hit me...the big thing that has hit me is that the separation of mother and child has actually began and I didn't realise it!

    Parents evening was this week, and as opposed to the previous one in the Autumn, this time we got to look through her work and a good chat with her teacher.

    Seeing her work was very sweet, so nice to look through it all and ...

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    Baby Angel's School Prep
  4. Car-thedral

    As displeased as I am with Beans Pilot from this weekend, i've written another. Now, I know I shouldn't say it but this second one is good. Really fucking good. <jinxed>
    I knew it. I knew the last one wasn't quite right, yet sent it anyway but this one is 'The One'.

    I probably won't hear anything from either.
    Fuck em. I'll take it to C4.

    Happy again now, for those of you who are bothered, here's part of my second series synopsis.
  5. Comedy: When it stops being funny.

    Two huge bay windows emblazoned with the gold lettering of Beans sparkle within gloss black frames from underneath the ruched canopy and out onto the high street.
    French polished coffee tables and chairs grace the street either side of this retail misfit’s entrance and a heavy leaded Tiffany lamp glows yellow above the porch, offering Fresh Ices.
    Inside Beans, huddled under vast potted parlour palms bent like sunshades over their heads and rocking back their rattan chairs in the ...

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