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  1. Hey, Clown Shoes! A Year With FiveFinger KSO’s

    I’ve had my Vibram FiveFingers KSO now for just over a year. I know a lot of you had questions about them, such as were they a fad, are they any good, and don’t you feel silly in them.

    If anything, my views on them are even stronger than when I first got them. Look down at your bare feet. Have a walk around.

    Now put your shoes on and look again. It’s not right, is ...
  2. How to blog ?

    by , 31-03-12 at 05:07 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    Quote Originally Posted by 2ptjoe View Post
    Well how do you ?

    It seems a few ' un sharp ' people on here are feeling the need to poke fun at a blog i may choose to write.
    To do this i need to know how of course.

    Do i do this via a thread i've done or seperate.?
    Yes, I know. On the face of a strange question but how many times have people been told "get a blog". So this is a demonstration of how you write a blog about someones post.

    Hows that 2pt?
    Random Ruminations
  3. Cottage refurbishment ~ Garden development pt 2

    Just over a year has passed and the Greenhouse is still in boxes ~ well it would be if the boxes hadn't disintegrated with the weather! The trouble with this plot is it's round the back of the house and oh so easy to put off checking on, let alone doing anything
    I found my motivation again over xmas and the weather has been conducive to progress at last
    I've still got a way to go . . the foundations need pouring, once that's done I can finally get the greenhouse put up, and I ...
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  4. She's gone

    My mum passed away on 20th Feb 2012. No reason given, just that her heart slowed down and stopped. She was the healthest person I knew. Did yoga and meditation twice a day, vegitarian, didn't drink or smoke. 64yr old.......and she's gone. She was found in the front room with a blanket over her knees and a remote control in her hand. My dad said he thought she was asleep as she looked so peaceful. How does this happen?

    Been in London for the last two weeks staying at the family home. ...
  5. A review of 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by fazerdaze View Post
    11 was a good year in that I didn't break anything . Financially (and entirely my own fault) I have overstretched and am ending the year for the first time with an overdraft .
    A spell of prioritising what I want over what I need saw the accomplishments of decorating two rooms in my little house, getting the electrics sorted in the garage, and some fencing to secure my boundary; all of which are fantastic achievements, and some of which I could not have managed without the kindness and
    Life ..
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