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  1. Bombay Potatoes - the curry house recipe

    by , 12-08-12 at 10:26 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    One of the problems I have cooking Indian food is that people ask me to make a madras, a jal freizi or a korma. These names mean nothing to me since I cook curry like my mum taught me so I have, over time, had to learn what these terms mean. And whilst I cannot cook British Standard Curry house curries I have got to a point where it is passable to the point I can talk off the inconsistency to the standard as ďmy take on itĒ.

    That said the vegetable dish I get asked most for is Bombay ...
    Curry Recipes
  2. a draft ebay advert..

    Hello Campers. Here is a draft of my proposed ebay advert to jettison yet another redundant purchase the GF made simply because she liked the colour. Needless to say I paid for it..

    Header: Mint Samsung N150 netbook Flamingo Pink, UK, battery tested 7+ hours, genuine windows XP + FULL Office Professional. No modifications. i.e. I haven't fucked this one up by fiddling with it. That's because I can't stand the sight of the wee cuddly wuddly beary beary boo. ...

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  3. Venison Casserole

    by , 22-07-12 at 13:23 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    Our local butcher had some diced venison a while back and priced very reasonably. So I bought a packet, threw it into the freezer and promptly forgot about it. Whilst checking the contents of the freezer in prep for Sunday dinner I discovered the packet and decided that it was time I cooked it.

    So this is the recipe I used last night, if nothing else itíll mean when I need it again I know where to look

    • 1lb diced venison
    • 4 rashers of smoked streaky bacon
    • 1
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  4. ARDS Test: Following My Childhood Dream To Be A Racing Driver

    From my earliest memories, I always wanted to be a Racing Driver.

    Well, that and a Bounty Hunter Ė and as Iíve been a Surveillance Operative/P.I. Iíve pretty much covered that one. But didnít get to shoot Bad Guys.

    After riding sportsbikes for 12 years, and having blogged about the bike trackdays, youíd be forgiven for expecting me to be banging on about getting my bike racing license ...
    Tags: ards, racing
  5. It's not Man Flu

    So, I started a blog earlier in the year, got sidetracked and forgot for a while, and picked it back up, as the story now continues. Originally it was completely locked down, feel more comfortable sharing it now, although it really isn't "for" anyone other than have a release, somewhere to ramble, to put thoughts to paper (so to speak) about what's happening with Metz. Maybe some would like to read, maybe not. Doesn't matter either way.
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