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  1. Quick Info Dump on Upgrading Computers, IMO that is

    I like (just as well) make do & mend & I adore a bang for me buck. Here's what I've found over the years.

    Part 1: Laptops

    The least easy to take apart. And the shortest lived. Some even have vital things soldered in-notably apples. Generally speaking if it was a decent quality (not necc high spec) machine to start with it's prob worth it. But screens do not last forever (not a prob, simp plug in an external monitor) the socket where you plug the power in

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  2. What have you done today thread?

    Quote Originally Posted by dodgy View Post
    Just had to break it to my son that his best friend’s mum is about to die. Heartbreaking. Hence posting here
    that is not something that anyone would find easy, I am glad you are there to walk with them.
  3. Saucy

    Here you go Smix. It's basically a simple beurre blanc. It will ruin any diet you're trying, so just indulge yerself.

    Goes very well with sole or plaice, but it's good with 'chunkier' fish like cod or hake too. If you're using a batter, try and keep it light, like tempura. I soak the fish in full fat milk and then dredge it through plain flour. Your choice obvs.

    This will make about enough for an average sauce boat. So serves 4, or 2 for greedy ...
  4. What's the deal with the "other" forum?

    It is very much analagous to the Big endians and Little endians of Lilliput.

    For this reason we never speak of it. And neither shall you.
  5. Scientists, Engineers & Numbers....

    Scientists & Statistics/ Engineers & Results

    Here’s the thing-whatever science you did at GSCE, A level & to a certain extent 1st year Uni is something of a series of reducing simplifications, which at GSCE is pretty much ‘lies to children.’ It is something of a shock in your 2nd year to see a textbook on the reading list described as ‘An Elementary Primer to xyz’, when your last book had ‘Advanced’ as the 1st word in its title….**

    The maths OTOH doesn’t lie-which ...
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