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  1. Tomcat's Avatar
    Couldn't agree more Adamski. This used to be my second home and these days I can't really be bothered with it. I'm not averse to the odd political thread but when it's just used as a means to start a fight forget it. Trolling, abuse and pile-ons are the order of the day in here and it's always the same names. I've blocked some, others will be if they don't grow some manners, and frankly I'm not about to pay money to be on a forum that does that and seems determined to discourage new members. Even FB, which at least makes some token effort to force people to use real names rather than hide behind aliases, isn't immune from the fuckwittery, but I do find there are fewer I've had to block, and that's only because they're happy to be fuckwits under their own names. No loss.
  2. Editor's Avatar
    as was commented on quite recently, I too have taken something of a sabbatical from here. Not for the same reasons, as I CBA with trigger threads. Having like you been in with this lot since nigh on the beegiining of VD & certainly the TRC, one knows what the triggers are.

    I think you're right, & it's everywhere. There's a super virtual chum who is vulnerable & sensitive I had on FB, our connection oddly enough being one of us on TRC, but mainly basset hounds, about which I know a little something. Anyhow she was going to pick a new puppy up a few weeks ago, it had a health issue & I know if something happened to it she might well do something drastic & permananet over it. So I said my piece, & fuck me did I get it back in the arse from her friends & even herself. At this point, well I didn't quite lose it-I just simply said, 'fine, I'm only number 2 or 3 at this in the entire UK, but you must follow your own from now on in. Bye & best of.'

    Pmd her out of politeness & closure, & then shut all the doors. So if some peope are doing something like this on here, sure I understand it.

    Anyhow you know I think the world of you & yours. Take care, you know where I am. Try a bit of 'mindfulness', actually if you can get to Worksop ish I'll personally recc you to the amazing lady who introduced me to it.

    As Ever


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