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  1. terror has a name

    the following is part of a larger piece which I've posted up here because I'm interested in generational differences etc. See thread in General.


    My goodness we were so lucky to not only to live in the right time but to be the age we were. And so safe as well. Not for us listening around the radio like our grandparents or perhaps even parents, hearing ...

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  2. I'm feeling selfish for wanting a dog ..

    Whenever winter comes round and I'm stuck indoors I get a real hankering to have a dog again.
    I've found a cutie at the local kennels but I fear the long hours I work are against it. 15 hours is a long time to leave a dog on its own, but it would have free run of the house & garden, and I know of dogs that spend all day apart from a daily walk in outdoor kennels and pens, so would life with me be so terrible? Would a youngish dog be able to get used to it?

    I'm being a bit ...
    Life ..
  3. a post I didn't publish about S.A.D.

    Seasonal Affected Disorder aka The Winter Blues.

    I never used to have a shift of mood over winter-I loved it actually. It's the most intense time in retail-hardwork but fun & even the lull after the January sales is pretty full as you're busy destocking & doing all the returns, planning for the rest of the year whilst you have some time & Valentine's is only just a few weeks away. You've Back to School to keep you busy as well. Although it is dislocating if you're a buyer ...

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  4. An Unofficial Christmas Guide to Use By & Best Before Dates

    By now I expect your fridge, or if youíre lucky, the larder, will be groaning with all manner of goodies. Lovely eh? But it has to last the festive season, & so as the week progresses itís a good idea to actually read the labels. But wait-this all costs. Didnít our gran used to spoon the hair off the strawberry jam & shave the cheese? Never fear-in households like ours there other ways of establishing what is safe & what is not.

    Milk & other Dairy
    Get the cat ...
  5. Time Spent Skiving is Rarely Wasted..

    Now think about it for more than 1 sec. 1st of all you're doing something you shouldn't & if nabbed by a beak it will result in some kind of punishment. So life lessons of precaution, vigilance, contingency & avoiding detection are required. Particularly a good cover story that will resist initial interrogation. Ah that's another one-dealing with the awkward questions whilst under the threat of violence.

    So what were you really up to? Well lurking in the school library was ...
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