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  1. Resisting the advancement ...

    A brief post ..
    After reading Go-slow's blog entry ~ Microwave Baked Beans, is that what its come to? I was reminded how much I want to resist so-called 'progress'.
    If we put as much effort into reinforcing old-fashioned social values as we do in developing lazyness we could live in a much happier place!

    I recently briefly considered resuming fostering in the near future, but I don't think I could any more. Today's youth would perceive my concept of home-life more like ...

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    Life ..
  2. Oooo I get a blog as well?

    Thats handy.

    Well all i need now is "life" stuff to fill it... Hmmm.... Will post more when i get more

    I have been feeling a bit "off" the last few months. But lately my appetite has gone out teh window. Struggling to get interested in eating. Then when i do eat, its minimal.

    Got a rugby match this weekend so need to try and either get some food in my body or to call off my availability.

    Oh Well. Will post more when ...
  3. Saturday 15 March


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  4. Running

    Hmm decided to start running for no reason, my ultimate aim is to run 10k one day, i'm starting by running a mile as fast as I can i'm afraid if I try to run more the times will look shite lol, right well here are my attempts so far:

    *Starting at the end of february*


  5. Choosing a new direction ..

    House hunting is oh so stressfull!
    Relocating is not something I wish to make a habit of, so finding a home that will meet my needs for however long is a pretty tall order!

    My first aim was to down-size. A nice little place big enough for me, and the occasional visitors .. and the bikes, and the trailer, and the cars, and a shed, and maybe a greenhouse ... not so little after all eh?

    Two bedroom cottages with garages seem to be rare as hen's teeth, so I can't ...

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    Life ..
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