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  1. Ooo eee ooo ah ah. Ting tang walla walla bing bong.

    Have you ever noticed that hair straighteners are almost exactly the right size and shape for cooking individual fishfingers? No? Why not?

    It's one of those things that could save your life in a survival situation. Or at least a survival situation that can't be solved by leaping off things or eating marmoset poo ala Bare Grills.

    What a twit that fella is.

    You could probably fry a very long thin egg with them too. Or spagget.. spaghhe.. spoghi.. ravioli. ...
  2. Hahahahhahahhahhahahahhah a..........

    Welcome to my day.......

    Today I put my home in a box, then took it out again....

    6am - Kiss kiss bye bye Unclesol off to Brussels
    Then get up, dressed and finish clearing all our possessions into myriad boxes. The resulting pile now resembles a scale model of Manchu Picchu, rearing majestically up from the floor.
    The reason for all the chaos? De caaansil are doing up the housing stock. And to that end we are the lucky recipients of a new boiler and much pipework. ...
  3. Chicken stock

    Because it's better than the stuff you buy in bottles and packets that's why

    2kg raw chicken bits (wings, legs, neck, feet etc.)
    a leek cut into large chunks
    stick of celery cut into large chunks
    3 carrots cut into large chunks
    2 onions, whole, unskinned. Trim the 'root' end
    2 garlic cloves, unpeeled, crushed
    few sage leaves, sprigs of thyme, handful of parsley, bay leaf

    Chuck that lot into a bloody big saucepan or stock pot ...
  4. Biking blog

    Better than just "testing, testing", but not by much.

    It was freeeezing cold this morning, my heated jacket barely kept the cold away but at least there was no ice.

    Testing over. I'll make the next one interesting, promise
  5. 31 January 08


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