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  1. ARDS Test: Following My Childhood Dream To Be A Racing Driver

    From my earliest memories, I always wanted to be a Racing Driver.

    Well, that and a Bounty Hunter Ė and as Iíve been a Surveillance Operative/P.I. Iíve pretty much covered that one. But didnít get to shoot Bad Guys.

    After riding sportsbikes for 12 years, and having blogged about the bike trackdays, youíd be forgiven for expecting me to be banging on about getting my bike racing license ...
    Tags: ards, racing
  2. It's not Man Flu

    So, I started a blog earlier in the year, got sidetracked and forgot for a while, and picked it back up, as the story now continues. Originally it was completely locked down, feel more comfortable sharing it now, although it really isn't "for" anyone other than have a release, somewhere to ramble, to put thoughts to paper (so to speak) about what's happening with Metz. Maybe some would like to read, maybe not. Doesn't matter either way.
  3. Building a sea kayak from scratch.....

    by , 18-06-12 at 22:06 (Funners multi coloured waffle....)
    Well, having decided to look at this kayaking m'larky but being tight and unwilling to fork out vast sums for the pleasure...
    I decided to build me own boat....
    this could be interesting

    1st stop was finding a design I liked...I dislike some of the designs which look (to my eyes) like "Billy's 1st Kayak"
    a design found, by Selway Fisher, the plans were purchased and an adventure embarked upon !

    The basic premise of the design is sheets ...
  4. Martha Payne, NeverSeconds, and the power of social media

    Quote Originally Posted by moth View Post
    The exposure of petty bureaucracy always cheers me. Especially when the petty bureaucrats are made to look foolish and forced to back down.

    Little girl 1

    Snivelling jobsworths 0

    I was following this with interest earlier. Jamie Oliver has chimed in. Looks a bit viral to me, but no matter
  5. Noise & Sounds

    I see noise in shapes. There are grey covered overcast skies of background hum, delightful when there's a break in the cloud & sunbeams of other senses shine through & provide their own illuminations. There are little sparkly bits of pleasure, mostly musical or that of birds, which is of course composed of notes. Great visceral tidal waves or breakers over the rocks of engines. And then there's discord which I find possesses an angle of point defined by the pitches involved. Sharp & ...
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