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  1. Job hunting ..

    I'm bored with being unemployed, and thoroughly fed up! .. I need to rant ..
    My CV must be okay as I'm getting fairly regular interviews, but I never get the job
    I've tried the go as you would to work approach, I've tried the Black trousers and sensible shoes approach, I've tried the smart suit approach. Nothing works!

    I swear the next time I get asked 'So tell me a bit about your life .. where you're from, what brought you to this stage in your life ..' I'm going to ...
    Life ..
  2. Bikes for kids

    Forgot to add

    If you want to buy anything bmx related or if you have anything Bmx related you no longer need and can afford to send it to me then be my guest

    Its costing me circa 150 a month to run this now so anything is welcome
  3. Bikes for kids

    I could do with a bit of help with the bikes thang

    No not cash but any kind of bmx bike would be welcome , i say bmx as they are the easiest to keep running

    So if you have one of want to buy one for BFK then feel free

    I have 15 running bmx now , short of 5 .

    Ps MY Tandems have went missing , these where used to take out disabled kids/adults so the same applies if you have a tandem you no longer need then pass it on

    Ta very much ...
  4. Friday Night In Mansfield

    For a weekend warm-up treat, I took my fat bitch to le Mans.

    Quite right-of course that's bollocks. She's pregnant, & I'm skint, so we're hardly jetting off to la belle France. What really happened was that a short while before the Inns & Taverns of Mansfield traditionally close on a Friday night, I succumbed to the pressure of time & took my multiple expecting fat girl out to the town. My partner & I drove a vast basset hound called Dannon (named after a duck..) to ...

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    Richard from just emailed me to say he wanted to do a special review and plug of my blog on the site in a weeks time!
    I'll post the linky for anyone whos interested as soon as it goes live!

    My first 'review'!

    Updated 21-04-09 at 01:25 by WhiteRabbit

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