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  1. what we do & what we're up against

    Cruft's Breeders Competition 2015 yesterday:

    starts at 9:26:21, we're about 4th in. Goes on until 9:37:37 as the rest all make their entrance. Pay attention to the affies, the bernese mountains, the whippets & the pugs who eventually won & the clumbers who IMO were unlucky not have been placed.

    09:40:57 glimpse of us as Judge walks round

    shortlist pull outs at 09:41:46

    shortlist go
  2. The Lansky Deluxe Knfe Sharpening Kit

    This one:

    Is simply the mutt's nuts!

    I recently bought a Japanese knife sharpener from Rutlands as a replacement to the ageing Kitchen Devil item I have worn out keeping an edge on my kitchen knives and to be fair it did a good job of putting an edge on, even better when I put some water on the stones, but it was a coarse finish which felt like it was tearing ...

    Updated 19-12-14 at 06:15 by Silly Car

  3. Christmas List

    Keeping this list here simply because it was the easiest place to hand

    Gymboxx Interval Timer

    Garmin Forerunner 220

    Salomon Trail Shoes ...
  4. 10 Books that have stayed with you or affected you? Part 2

    carried on from:

    Iíve my own memory about the Hobbit. Read to us as a class by the strict Mrs Chiverton during balmy spreading chestnut tree summer afternoons. Bilbo & his barrels. Might be committing a cardinal crime but LOR, whilst enjoyed & I do get the frequently made comment about it not being long enough, never really blew my frock up. The Hobbit on the other hand is charming, ...
  5. 10 Books that have stayed with you or affected you? Part 1

    This is one of those FB things, but asked by a friend of mine & I couldnít resist it for a couple of reasons- I love this sort of literary thing, not in the least that there are of course some books that knowing people have given to you which entirely hit the spot, & then there are those, given by more knowing people, that donít quite at that time, but do a little later. Those time-bombs prob resonate the best. Which takes to my second reason which is that 2 days ago I was having a conversation ...
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