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  1. Still feel crap :(

    Now on my 4th day laid up in bed while my body tries to turn itself inside out
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  2. Saving lives by writing a letter

    In December, I had a bit of a mishap on the roads. Afterward I discovered that a procedural change had been in okace since the summer that had it not have happened, meant I may well have avoided having a collision.

    The change in procedure in question is that the Highways Agency will no longer put up hazard warnings on a motorway matrix board of debris in the road, or a blocked lane, unless either a police officer or HATO is on scene to verify the report, or it can be seen by controllers ...
  3. Stimulus

    Or lack there-of.

    What's a boy to do?

    Lack of girlfriend means sum total of social interaction is direct family. TV is going down the tubes, the internet seems to get smaller every day as more websites launch, and there's only so many laps you can drive and nazis or terrorists you can shoot before you feel like counting the artex ridges on the ceiling will be more exciting.

    And then you remember you have ears, and eyes... Books and music! Two of the ...
  4. mid-week shuffle

    Well after a good day in the casino yesterday, rising to top roulette player and ranking in the top ten richest players I returned to the tables this morning and had a terrible start losing around 600 quid.

    I bounced back after lunch with some very lucky moves, clawing back most of my earlier losses.

    Up on the day and back in the top ten!

    Updated 30-01-08 at 17:46 by Olivier Spanners

  5. Continued

    Ok 'cos you can only have 4 images per post, I'm going to have to chop this up a bit more than I wanted to, c'est la vie

    Heres a couple more piccies of the brackets before welding

    So once the brackets were made and set up how I wanted them, the frame was shipped off to a local ally welder and I started ...

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