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  1. Ceviche recipe

    by , 26-10-15 at 12:49 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnglishman View Post
    GS - please post ceviche recipe.
    So, I had ceviche at the beginning of 2014. Long story short I thought "wow". So began a mission to try and make it. My friend gave me her recipe but, as is my way, I decided to google. And there are loads of recipes and ideas out there. And by the end of 2014 I was basically full circle to approximatly the recipe I started with.

    Below is the recipe and my notes, these were done as I was going along so I am simply going to post ...
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  2. Romanians at the Front Gates...

    My partner came back over from doing the 1st wave of the dogs outside to tell me there were 2 foreigners at our front gates. So I lurched off out, uncombed hair, unwashed, having used my T shirt to clean off the BBQ last night, stubble from Friday & half a lit tab dangling from my lips. Wouldn’t be wanting to cut a posh look with potential trouble on a damp Sunday morning just after 7am would we?

    These two 20 male somethings with an amazingly poor command of either spoken or ...

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  3. Its all kicking off in Calais!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mussels View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Spitfire View Post
    Well if it was my lorry they were trying to get into I'd let them. Pile them in twenty deep. I'd stand there calling them over. Then I'd shut the doors and take them back to the camp they came from. Clearly the French authorities weren't doing much to stop them.

    My tuppence worth
    The tear gas used to drive them away from the road looked like they were trying but sheer numbers overwhelmed them.
    Fair comment. I heard some drivers being interviewed and they were ...
  4. Drinking in the East Midlands..

    Been a while since we saw anything new in this corner, so here's a little piece of bollox from me..

    East Midlands is like a poorer vsn of the West Midlands, but with a more Yorkshire accent & a tendency to get called hen, duck, petal or ‘filthy fucking southerner’ depending on the locality. Mostly remembered for the colossal confrontations between the Miners & Mrs Thatcher’s enforcement agents of prime ministerial policy & ambition. They certainly remember it ...
  5. Terry Pratchett died today

    I loathe a C&P, but I wrote this elsewhere yesterday & I think it has some pertinence

    On this same planet, say around 3 decades ago, post the lovely H2G2, we were back to broadswords & orcs again. With the odd glimmer of freshness from a young writer called Neil Gaiman & his Weaveworld. But the big guns were the series traditionalists like David Eddings & he sold in hardback. The ever aware Victor Gollancz were just adding a new author to ...
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