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  1. Letting go

    It's been seven months since my little girl started school, and yet it's only the last week that things have really hit me...the big thing that has hit me is that the separation of mother and child has actually began and I didn't realise it!

    Parents evening was this week, and as opposed to the previous one in the Autumn, this time we got to look through her work and a good chat with her teacher.

    Seeing her work was very sweet, so nice to look through it all and ...

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    Baby Angel's School Prep
  2. Car-thedral

    As displeased as I am with Beans Pilot from this weekend, i've written another. Now, I know I shouldn't say it but this second one is good. Really fucking good. <jinxed>
    I knew it. I knew the last one wasn't quite right, yet sent it anyway but this one is 'The One'.

    I probably won't hear anything from either.
    Fuck em. I'll take it to C4.

    Happy again now, for those of you who are bothered, here's part of my second series synopsis.
  3. Comedy: When it stops being funny.

    Two huge bay windows emblazoned with the gold lettering of Beans sparkle within gloss black frames from underneath the ruched canopy and out onto the high street.
    French polished coffee tables and chairs grace the street either side of this retail misfit’s entrance and a heavy leaded Tiffany lamp glows yellow above the porch, offering Fresh Ices.
    Inside Beans, huddled under vast potted parlour palms bent like sunshades over their heads and rocking back their rattan chairs in the ...

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  4. 14.30

    They really do. Not sure if it is something to be said about the diet I take, but the ones at the back are in an almost perpetual state of throbbing pain.

    I don't think the expensive brushes are worth the money either. £4 for a brush that scrapes my tongue? Surely if we were meant to scrape our tongues, we would have been gifted with more abrasive licking implements? Like a cat. Not that I mean we'd lick with a cat, rather we would have a tongue like that of a cat.

  5. My Bike Mods

    Engine & Drive Train mods:

    K&N Air Filter - Fitted to make best use of the stock engine. Honda's airbox is pretty good, but doesn't breathe well enough if you put aftermarket pipes on.

    Stage 1 Carb Kit - (not an Atkins diet product) From Dynojet. Fitted to combine with the aftermarket filter and exhaust for best results. Requires setting up properly but is well worth it.
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