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  1. Scientists, Engineers & Numbers....

    Scientists & Statistics/ Engineers & Results

    Here’s the thing-whatever science you did at GSCE, A level & to a certain extent 1st year Uni is something of a series of reducing simplifications, which at GSCE is pretty much ‘lies to children.’ It is something of a shock in your 2nd year to see a textbook on the reading list described as ‘An Elementary Primer to xyz’, when your last book had ‘Advanced’ as the 1st word in its title….**

    The maths OTOH doesn’t lie-which ...
  2. Summer Camping 1 The Northern one 19th August

    Going to knock this one on the head and perhaps venture north later on when more folks are available and catch up with you lot for a meal (will try and find some where that does good food for the vegan and non vegans alike
  3. 'Blog this post'

    Quote Originally Posted by Yambo View Post

    Is it possible to do something with the 'Blog this post' linky thing at the bottom left of a post, like get rid of it?

    One heads off to check up on any new blogs and the blog page is full of posts from recent threads. I sure most people don't need to make a blog of comments from elsewhere in the forum and for the life of me I can't see why it's there, or have I missed an important point?
    Anything for you mate.
  4. Chemtrails & The Like...

    found this on a FB site:

    The Frank Church Congressional Hearings of 1975 exposed the Central Intelligence Agency biological weapons contracting firms – Litton Bionetics and the Army Corp of Engineers who were developing and utilizing various biological weapons on populations. And this is all done under black operations, covert operations, where they get funding and congressional people are never informed really ...
  5. Trouble with a McDonald's Imposter...

    It started with a stone cold meal from McD's at Peterborough Services at lunchtime last Thursday. By the time I discovered this I was on my way. I was knackered & needed something hot-otherwise I would have gone to M&S as I usually do. So that was all fine & dandy. I did actually go to the trouble of filling in their on-line feedback form. I got this yesterday morning:

    "The restaurant you have referred to is run by our franchisee, Matthew Jarrett. As the owner of ...

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