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The Kennel Kernel

Tish & tosh & hopefully the odd thing of use. Doubtful though.

  1. 10 Books that have stayed with you or affected you? Part 1

    This is one of those FB things, but asked by a friend of mine & I couldnít resist it for a couple of reasons- I love this sort of literary thing, not in the least that there are of course some books that knowing people have given to you which entirely hit the spot, & then there are those, given by more knowing people, that donít quite at that time, but do a little later. Those time-bombs prob resonate the best. Which takes to my second reason which is that 2 days ago I was having a conversation ...
  2. voice recognition software

    through a bit of hard negotiation over some out of date Tesco vouchers I ended up with one of their Hudl tablets for about 30 new pence. I see it came with voice recognition stuff-brilliant I thought. Must have on a bit since the last time I used it 20 years ago. Plus save me typing out all my drivel-hell I could even start on that book I've been mulling over.

    OK is this keyboard going to behave? Ah the drag and wipe look s go od. Ish♠
    write this ...
  3. Poetry at Christmas

    the telly's thrown a hissy fit
    the wireless is broadcasting shit
    the oven's blown a major fuse
    the hob is shouting 'do not use'
    the leccy bill remains unpaid
    we're living in a darker shade
    what's for dinner I cannot guess
    seeing as it's in a freezer in M&S
    the wretched boiler's been condemned
    none of these I can mend

    but I've wood enough to make a fire
    hot enough for our desire
    it's flickering flames provide the light ...

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  4. Traditional Festive Activities for Dogs 2013 FINAL

    this is the final for print version. Spot the differences! With many thanks to Moth, Splat & Noggin, who spotted the one thing I really didn't want to slip in there.

    As a point of interest I'd estimate that it took about 2.5 hours to bang it out (several false starts & an entire discard within that, although I'd conceived the DIY bit earlier), the time taken by other people to proof it, an hour to ammend to that AND another 2 hours wandering away with it with several cups of ...

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  5. Traditional Festive Activities for Dogs 2013 DRAFT

    this is the very 1st draft as it was rapidly laid down. See how many errors you can spot yourselves. The final is also on this blog & as ever there are some minor content variations.

    Traditional Festive Activities for Bassets

    In previous years our forefather the late Professor Wellington has written comprehensively of matters of the Christmas Holidays, which were never meant to be read by humans. We, the younger gen of Moose, Buzz & Lucy, would like to be straightforward ...

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