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The Kennel Kernel

Tish & tosh & hopefully the odd thing of use. Doubtful though.

  1. A Very Special Christmas List pt1

    Dear Mr Claus

    This year I thought I’d start by giving something back. Perhaps not quite in the way you might be envisaging. But it does have spirit. Of a bathtub brand.

    You might be wanting to bring a skip.

    And then I’d very much to give you:

    All my destructive behaviours. Blow the bally lot up.

    All my anger. Apart from when I have to lift something heavy. Or need to destroy things.. Comes in useful then.

    The ...
  2. Things To Be Done

    Well any fule can make a list up on their computer. But I’m not gitty enough to take the laptop out for a coffee & ciggy on the back porch. Instead I prefer one of the envelopes from the morning’s post & a pencil from the kitchen drawer of randomness. And so we start. Lists for today. Lists for this week. Lists for the month. Things that must be done, ought to be done, should be done, would be nice if they were done for once. Lists of 4 o’clock in the morning bolt upright & wide ...
  3. New Life....well let's just hope

    Meet Millie

    Isn't she fat? No, not pies (yet), it's puppies. We hope. She's due on Weds, but she's started some of the 48 hour warning signs yesterday, although her appetite is still extremely healthy!

    Whilst ...
  4. Bastard Dogs. Eat, shit, bark & break everything including your heart

    The pretty picies & the short version are here

    And you know what?

    I think I've said all that needs to be said there.

    Except I feel like it all never happened.

    And guilty (of what I don't know)

    And a bit empty.

    And, the second I saw her moving like that, I fecking knew it was going to be bad. The second I heard about the lump I got changed to go to the vets for the final deed.

    Anyone who really ...
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