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  1. Yambo's Avatar
    Actually, its mass is 99 grams. Weight is a concept related to position. Whatever it is will weigh 1/6 of it's earth weight if it is on the moon but its mass will always be 99 grams.
  2. 1888's Avatar
    I have a free meal voucher here from McDonalds. It was my compo for telling them the meal i got at one of there cafe's in Edinburgh was shit and i wont be back. I think i was given this voucher to see if i will be bac
  3. Editor's Avatar
    blimey-this has just had its turn at the top of the blogs. Forgotten all about this one (well it is 4 years ago) but guess what-3 days ago I had another revisit to the parquet flooring puzzle.

    I'm at a total loss to determine what on earth is going on with the puzzle/wood/floor combination. Anyone any sort of idea here?? Please!
  4. Count Steer's Avatar
    Oddly enuff we're in the process of buying Folio Society versions of books that fit you category. ie Replacing all those well-loved, well-thumbed paperbacks that we've loved over the years. Just re-read 'The Dark is Rising' series by Susan Cooper and am in the middle of 'The Owl Service' by Alan Garner and would like the rest of his books in hardback.

    Have the Tolkein set to read along with 'All Quiet on the Western Front', The Narnia set, Midnight Folk and Box of Delights.

    Would like the Molesworth books, anything by Ursula Leguin and many many more. I'll browse the shelves and make a proper list.
  5. Yambo's Avatar
    I've never had a tooth extracted and whilst I'm not worried about going to the dentist (I just don't go normally) I'll have second thoughts if an extraction seems necessary now. Cheers Ed.
  6. Editor's Avatar
    it's even worse when that answer prompts a question so good, with so many ramifications that you could weave a film/book around it, the answer is 42 & then.. zzzzzzzzzz.
  7. Horse's Avatar
    What pigs me off is when I wake in the middle of the night, perhaps with the answer to a question, solution to a problem, or remember something vitally important to do the nex . . . . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  8. Hawkman's Avatar
    Wish I had one.
  9. BigFella's Avatar
    Yep!....and it's a club that you have already paid the entry fee for and been awarded a free lifetime pass. It's just that there may be small question marks over when you first take up that membership, how long it will last..................and will you actually be mentally able to enjoy it!
  10. fazerdaze's Avatar

    I beg to differ on the Yoghurt fears though. I regularly eat yogs a month or two past their use by date and they're fine
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