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On the road again

This is my blog. It might only consist of one entry by the time I'm done, but I'll be proud of it - I'm sure.

  1. Reading festival 2008 - review

    THERE are two ways of looking at the legendary Reading festival which takes over Berkshire every August bank holiday.
    On the one hand there is always superb music, with the discovery of new bands and the chance to see some old favourites doing what they do best. It’s a fantastic experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.
    But on the other hand it can be a dangerous and terrifying place to be, and there is a strong possibility that you’ll either be robbed, assaulted, ...
  2. Rage Against the Machine - Reading festival - review

    IN 1992 a politically-charged foursome hit the rock music scene with a track that would mark them as one of the most recognisable bands of all time.
    Killing in the Name would cause controversy among the musical tut-tutters and would ingrain itself into the sub-conscious of young fans the world over. With no fewer than 17 repetitions of the f-word it would fast become an anthem for the disaffected and would be the title track to the lives of those who wanted to rebel against the expected ...
  3. Metallica - Reading festival - review

    METALLICA never play a bad gig. It's just an impossibility for them.
    Yes, Kirk Hammett's solos can be a little irritating and whiny; yes, Lars Ulrich makes you want to clobber him to death with his own drumsticks; yes, Rob Trujillo doesn't quite 'fit' yet and, yes, James Hetfield shouts “Oh yeah?” far too often – but it works perfectly every time.
    Reading saw something like my fifth or sixth live Metallica performance, which meant that I could afford to stand somewhere in the middle ...

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