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  1. Children and the subject of death

    Baby Angel, at the age of four, has been affected by death twice already with my Paternal Grandfather and Maternal (Step) Nana, having been very close to the former and been to the spreading of his ashes (she was only two), she came to my Nana's funeral last year.

    She has been told, and understands, that they have gone to live with the angels and thanks to some wind chimes being near where my Grandfather was scattered (with his wife and one of his sons), my parents said to her that ...
  2. 1970s bush

    Now, one often makes jokes about unruly male bush along the lines of basically if you put a little towelling sweatband at the top of the cock, then it'd be John McEnroe...however having looked at what is coming up for sale at Christie's just completely shocked me at the amount of bush Madonna had in the 1970s.

    Now, I know this is possibly not an oft discussed subject but bloody hell, she's like a sasquatch

    Definitely not safe for work or kids...or even by those of ...
    Random Stuff
  3. Pullover existed!

    I can't believe I've finally found evidence of a kids tv programme I remember from my youth...a programme called Pullover which was about a monkey toy made from a child's favourite pullover (hence the clever name )

    But thanks to the wonder that is Wikipedia, there is finally proof that I'm not nuts and didn't imagine the programme, but it actually existed...either that or there are two of us that imagined the same imaginery programme!

    Pullover Productions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...
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  4. Claudia's First Christmas Concert

    It's that time of the year, and having now learnt that I am to be tapped for money by the school on an almost weekly basis, I have purchased two tickets to the Christmas Concert to be held the morning of the 17th December.

    No nativity, it would seem...instead it's a play about Santa followed by four songs performed by the infants (of which Claudia is proudly one of).

    I heard the news of this from one of her best friends...who she promptly got upset with because "she ...

    Updated 27-01-09 at 10:33 by Fallen Angel

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  5. Jesus doesn't love me...apparently...

    On the train heading home late last night, a woman got on and made her way to each individual in the carriage saying the words:

    "Jesus loves you"

    ...except she never said it to me.

    It would appear my work here is done as the message has finally got through, to the point where a "messenger of God" will not even bless me with the love of his human child.


    Random Stuff
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