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FA's rambling corner of the internerd

A place for the musings, tales and general mutterings of Fallen were warned and you didn't have to read it...

  1. Much has happened...

    A continuation of the blog about Metz and what's going on, after a few weeks of silence, something also explained in the blog. Read if you like, or not...
  2. It's not Man Flu

    So, I started a blog earlier in the year, got sidetracked and forgot for a while, and picked it back up, as the story now continues. Originally it was completely locked down, feel more comfortable sharing it now, although it really isn't "for" anyone other than have a release, somewhere to ramble, to put thoughts to paper (so to speak) about what's happening with Metz. Maybe some would like to read, maybe not. Doesn't matter either way.
  3. Baby Angel's Fifth Birthday in EuroDisney...part two

    Ok so after lunch we went on the Haunted Mansion before heading to the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster. We go on a few more rides before we decide to head back to our hotel (The Cheyenne Hotel) for a rest, as it's going to be a long night.

    After resting up we head back into Disneyland for dinner...a quick stop for her to get a new princess dress (a different Aurora one than she has at home)...Disneyland looks stunning lit up at night

    We go to our reservation ...

    Updated 31-08-09 at 09:24 by Fallen Angel

    Baby Angel's School Prep
  4. Baby Angel's Fifth Birthday in EuroDisney...part one

    Will fill in other details of the trip in another blog, but wanted to get down her actual birthday whilst it was fresh in my mind.

    The day started by her (grumpily - due to late night) being woken, I was greeted with "I'm still asleep" but woke with a smile as I started singing Happy Birthday.

    She discovered that our room had been decorated with Happy 5th Birthday balloons...we wonder who could have possibly put them there...definitely wasn't Mummy or Auntie ...

    Updated 31-08-09 at 09:26 by Fallen Angel

    Baby Angel's School Prep
  5. Approaching Baby Angel's fifth birthday

    OMG where has the last five years gone?

    This time five years ago, I was stuck in a stupid bed in The Royal london hospital waiting for them to stop fannying around and get my baby out of me.

    Fast forward five years and I have a list as long as my arm as to what I have to do this week:

    • Bake princess birthday cake
    • Decorate princess birthday cake
    • No doubt re-decorate princess birthday cake as I'm not happy with first attempt
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