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Count Steer

  1. Village Life

    Ho hum. Another 4 hour+ power cut last night. 30 minutes outside the M25 and the infrastructure is like a Blue Peter project! (The local broadband appears to be delivered via a piece of wet string too). So there I sit, on a bright moonlit night, sipping a can of beer and listening to R4 on the transistor radio - so what do they have a programme about?....liver damage.

    On the plus side, Sunday was more Manhunt than Sleepy Hollow. Wandering through the countryside and approaching ...
  2. Further meanderings of a bemused mind

    What are blogs actually for?

    Other than as an aide memoire or 'dear diary' type thing, why would anyone be interested in the 99.999% meaningless megabytes that are stored somewhere out there?

    All v odd.

    Oh well, just in case it ever makes sense or is of interest to someone (why?) - some more waffle.

    The education debate. Strewth, some people are snobs. I have, in the past made some, off-the-cuff remarks about Polys and degrees...mainly to wind ...
  3. Sometimes I think too much

    Today, I got to thinking about the arts, literature and snobbery.

    There was a question about war films and I recommended a couple from a long, long time ago. 'All Quiet on the Western Front' and 'Paths of Glory'.

    Then there was a question about 'music that moves you' and I chipped in with some Keith Jarrett, Bach and Elgar.

    In these days of instant gratification these seem, possibly, arty farty. For the son of a dairy roundsman (milkman) raised in council ...

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