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Savio Du Funk

  1. Martha Payne, NeverSeconds, and the power of social media

    Quote Originally Posted by moth View Post
    The exposure of petty bureaucracy always cheers me. Especially when the petty bureaucrats are made to look foolish and forced to back down.

    Little girl 1

    Snivelling jobsworths 0

    I was following this with interest earlier. Jamie Oliver has chimed in. Looks a bit viral to me, but no matter
  2. Hypnotherapy: Gastric band

    Well, not just just but this morning just.

    In an attempt to aid my improving excercise regime, earlier today a colleague of mine offered to provide a hypnotherapy 'gastric band'.

    I'm a fairly open-minded cynic, and wasn't expecting much. This was 'clinical' hypnotherapy btw, and for the gastric band treatment you could be shelling out a 100 or so. It works like ...
  3. Passing work colleagues in the street

    For a couple of weeks I've been observing the protocol for this interaction. Seems relatively straightforward, doesn't it? Picture the scene: You are walking back to work from your lunch break and en route you see a colleague off in the distance. It's Dave from finance. At least I think he's called Dave, he could be called Paul. I can't really remember. Anyway, he's there at about 150 metres away ...
  4. Traffic etiquette

    I suppose this could apply to riding a bike, but there is usually the option of momentum when on two wheels?

    Anyway, in a car. Sat in a car, your car. The old tin can, jam jar, cage or wheeled coffin. Nothing says 'fuck my life' more than sitting in traffic and watching other like-minded people just sat there, doing nothing but strengthening the muscles in their clutch ...
  5. Bug-Eyed Bellend Brachiates Between Borders: BBC Bestows Budget Balls-Up

    Everyone's favourite hyperthyroid ocelot is on another piss-take, this time going from Sydney to somewhere. I'm afraid I don't really know the details, I just know that it is on our screens and has been for a while.

    I'm a fan of Boorman. I like his affable style and he is certainly watchable and interesting, however I am starting to get a little tyred (sic) of his now typecast peregrinations. ...

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