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Life ..

A view from the inside of my mind.

  1. Personal values ..

    Looking back though some old photos recently, it made me think hard about the label 'biker' and what it means to me, and I decided that although there are no photos of me bungee'd to my dad as he rode me round the garden on his BSA, I know it happened, and wonder if that experience planted the first seed of my biker path. My dad got rid of the bike when I was three and a half and never rode another one until I was seventeen, so is it learned behaviour or is it deeper than that? Are some people just ...
    Life ..
  2. I'm feeling selfish for wanting a dog ..

    Whenever winter comes round and I'm stuck indoors I get a real hankering to have a dog again.
    I've found a cutie at the local kennels but I fear the long hours I work are against it. 15 hours is a long time to leave a dog on its own, but it would have free run of the house & garden, and I know of dogs that spend all day apart from a daily walk in outdoor kennels and pens, so would life with me be so terrible? Would a youngish dog be able to get used to it?

    I'm being a bit ...
    Life ..
  3. A review of 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by fazerdaze View Post
    11 was a good year in that I didn't break anything . Financially (and entirely my own fault) I have overstretched and am ending the year for the first time with an overdraft .
    A spell of prioritising what I want over what I need saw the accomplishments of decorating two rooms in my little house, getting the electrics sorted in the garage, and some fencing to secure my boundary; all of which are fantastic achievements, and some of which I could not have managed without the kindness and
    Life ..
  4. 3 years on ..

    Three years ago today we packed my life into a Luton van and moved it, and me, from literally two minutes from Gatwick Airport to my quiet little cottage in the Fens. I'd never lived more than fifteen miles from where I was born so it was both a psychological wrench as well as a physical move. Three years on I'm starting to feel settled. Some of the rooms have been decorated, I've made my mark on the place and it's feeling more like home.
    Although I affectionately refer to Wisbech as the ...
    Life ..
  5. MSN My Space 2005 - 2009 part two

    11th August 2007 – It’s August and I’m single again L
    The timing couldn't have been worse! I feel like shit because of having to move .. loosing my home, my job and everything that's familiar to me, and I go and loose my boyfriend as well I thought he cared .. I feel such a fool.

    All I want is someone who will love and respect me. Why is that so difficult? What's wrong with me?

    12th August 2007 – I’m struggling ...
    I know it's only been two weeks, ...

    Updated 22-08-11 at 01:04 by fazerdaze

    Life ..
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