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Cottage Improvements

A diary of my hopes and plans and with luck accomplishments, at transforming this cold, sad little cottage into the warm and welcoming haven that I want it to be

  1. Cottage refurbishment ~ Garden development pt 2

    Just over a year has passed and the Greenhouse is still in boxes ~ well it would be if the boxes hadn't disintegrated with the weather! The trouble with this plot is it's round the back of the house and oh so easy to put off checking on, let alone doing anything
    I found my motivation again over xmas and the weather has been conducive to progress at last
    I've still got a way to go . . the foundations need pouring, once that's done I can finally get the greenhouse put up, and I ...
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  2. Cottage refurbishment ~ Garden development

    Last year I hatched a plan to turn a rather lifeless 20 x 25 foot of back garden into something more productive. I diverted a heap of slabs that were destined for the tip and made some paths that divided the area into 4 manageable sized plots. One of which had formerly been a flower bed so was easy to edge, dig over and use straight away. The others will need turning into raised beds as it looks like the ground had been prepared with hard core for future parking area by the former residents. Designing ...
  3. Cottage Refurbishment ~ Cooker

    The cooker left by the previous owners, was old, electric, disgustingly dirty, and doesn't all work.

    I've bought myself a nice shiney new LPG cooker, and had a guy come an measure up today for fitting it ...

    You know what's coming don't you .......

    Yes, I can have the cooker fitted ... but the 'regulations' which say the bottled gas must be a metre away from just about everything .. mean that in order to do so, I have to turn the back gate ...
  4. Cottage refurbishment ~

    (Heating) Episode One.

    I got up early and set about dismantling and removing half of the fitted wardrobe from my bedroom as it was obstructing access to the loft hatch, which was going to be needed by the heating fitters.
    I'd almost finished this when the guys from the heating company turned up at ten! .. Not exactly the early start I'd been expecting after they'd already put the job back a week!

    After an hour the one inside hadn't even got the first storage heater ...

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