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  1. Blatant Discrimination

    I belong to a minority sector for whom discrimination is an everyday fact of life. The fact is that that discrimination is so blatant and unapologetic and is institutional discrimination but despite that, the media make little or no comment upon it.

    It’s not racial discrimination. It’s not religious discrimination. It’s not sexual discrimination. No, I’m sorry to confess it’s far worse than that. It’s because I ride a motorbike.

    The most recent example of this prejudice ...
  2. Castle Combe MCF Trackday 21 April

    So straight after Kawasaki Day, I'm heading back to Norfolk, loading up the trailer with Blue Rex and then heading down to Wiltshire for an overnight stay at the Crown at Giddea Hall. Anyone care to join me?

    Then on Monday, it's my first trackday of 2008 with the Motorcycle Folly at Castle Combe.

    Most excellent...
  3. Kawasaki Day at the Ace Café

    Yes, Sunday 20th is "Kawasaki Day at the Ace Café". I'll be there along with another hundred or so ZRXs from all over the UK and Europe.

    Lots of photos to follow.
  4. Web Hosting

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  5. Blogtastic!

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