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  1. Editor's Avatar
    that's pretty much exactly how our mam does it & she's real deal Coron Bleu. Nice one. Sorry this comment is a decade late. Show' I did remember you wrote it all this time later though-which isn't too shabby on my part I reckon
  2. Editor's Avatar
    pretty sure that's very close to our mam's approach.

    hers: 2 large ons diced & fried in lots of butter until golden
    Peasants in & roll
    streaky UNSMOKED bacon on top
    20 mins uncovered 180-190
    REmove bacon & baste
    1 tbs seasoned flour sprinkled over pleasants.
    Pour over 2tbs brandy
    1/4-1/2 pt double cream
    2 heaped tsp of horseradish (commercial-this is part of the sweet element like moff's redcurrant jelly)
    50 mins at a bit lower but you MUST baste several times.

    Left overs are outstanding whizzed with a little port & butter if it's looking dry into a pate & frozen. Almost the best bit TBH.

    TBH I do moths with a glug of fortified booze like port because it's pretty foolproof & say 1 big tbs of cream whisked into the sauce near the end to kind of smooth it out. Check for seasoning. The bit about relaxing the birds & having the juices is critical.
  3. nidge's Avatar
    Disappointed in you Moth. Do you have something against adverbs? "sliced thin"? FFS
  4. Editor's Avatar
    IMO this is one of those sauces that a tin of those more expensive cherry tomatoes lifts completely. Conversely yer own brand cheapy tin will kill it. Wouldn't bother with much salt if one is adding parmesan.
  5. Greenzeph's Avatar
    was it because originally only the baker had an oven large enough to take big items.. bit like here everyone would take their goose to be cooked in the bakers oven.
  6. moth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by go_slow
    I see you have perfected your Floyd Ramsey Recipe approach. Well done.
    I need to work in a bit more swearing to capture the Ramsey ambience

    Quote Originally Posted by Editor

    no garlic?
    Nope. Chick fric has garlic, coq doesn't. Nothing to stop you adding some, if that's your thang

    The one pot approach for the mushrooms and onions saves having to warm them up again, and adds a bit more depth to the flavour of the dish. But again, opinions vary.

    There are no authoritative recipes for French country cooking. The paysan used what they'd got or substituted something for what they hadn't, IYSWIM.
  7. Editor's Avatar
    no garlic?

    **a small, but distinguishing point. Traditionally the shallots & the mushrooms are served alongside the chicken-i.e. not out in the casserole at all. It is well worth doing this if only once. Another wee point-those lightly caramalised shallots are delishious served with roast lamb, or as a indulgence, with grilled lamb chops. Bon appetite.

    ** Unless you really are slinging in cook-in or a packet, in which case bung the bally lot into one pot. Best accompanied with a Dominoes meat feast, or a kebab.
  8. go_slow's Avatar
    I see you have perfected your Floyd Ramsey Recipe approach. Well done.

    I look forward to trying this next weekend.
  9. CoolHands's Avatar

    that's very nearly an arm-full...
  10. BigFella's Avatar
    Coo! There really is no end to the variety of talent on this site. Wife was delighted to read these recipes - and rest assured that great was the salivation at the thought os a "real" cassoulet. Many thanks
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