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Running Scared....

Utter bollox.

  1. Race Day Cherry Popping.

    Cherry popping X2 today.

    Despite it being the middle of my second week long shift, I had my first job on the Blood Bike for Whiteknights EVS today.
    I had a call at 04:05 for an urgent collection from York Hospital to Leeds Blood Transfusion Service .
    So after hauling my arse out of bed, my bike gear on and the bike out of my garage, and despite having to detour for a closed level crossing I made the 13 miles for the collection, and 22 miles for the drop off within an ...
  2. First Half Marathon - 1:44

    Ran my first half marathon distance today. Not a race, just a rehearsal run, roughly at the pace I want to run at when I do it for real...
    I managed 01:43:57 , quite a bit less less than my target of 1:50 for today, and just under my intended 1:45 for the race...

    As you can see from my splits, I struggled for a wee bit mid distance as I'd forgotten to grab my drink on the way out of the house and was feeling ...
  3. Busy busy busy...

    It's been a busy month.
    11 runs so far totalling just under 65 miles (with another two planned - 4 miles tomorrow and 6 on Saturday) and one 6.5 mile/3000ft climb hike around Snowdonia.
    Been good fun tho for the most part.

    One minor trouble has been my calf muscles/Achilles. A common issue with runners, and often just an overuse injury (I'm hoping that's the case here). Basically my calf muscles are getting ...
  4. Hate running? Me too.

    Posted elsewhere. So sue me if I'm boring you.

    I always found running dead boring (I'd rather get on my bike and go further/see more for the same energy expenditure) and so avoided it a lot of it when I was at school, despite being rather good at it (kept with county standard runners on the few XC races I attended). When I joined the army I was doing 1.5 miles in 08:15 with boots on and I lapped my whole platoon on a cross country run. But I never chose to run as I ...

    Updated 19-04-11 at 22:29 by Adam

  5. Getting going.

    Ok so where was I?

    That's right, stretching lots and starting out on my route to running fit...

    I'm in the somewhat lucky position unlike many people where I don't have to find the time to exercise. It's provided for me.
    At work we have PT sessions 15:30-16:30 Mondays and Wednesdays and generally a longer session 10:30-12:30 Fridays.
    I also get opportunity to do extra phys Tuesday and Thursday afternoons IF I can spare the time from work.
    This obviously ...
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