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Running Scared....

Utter bollox.

  1. Knee injuries....

    This time last year, and for the previous 8 years I thought my knees were fucked.
    Then I got fed up of my knees being the limiting factor in my life and decided to do something about it.

    Basically I went to my doctor and said I was pissed off that I had been diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patellae, a diagnosis I didn't really agree with, but nothing had actually been done about it, not even scans or a laparoscopy to confirm it, let alone anything to fix it.
    I wanted to ...
  2. Running Scared....

    Why Running Scared?

    Because being scared is ultimately what started me running, and should keep me going...

    Around 2006 I was at my heaviest of around 17.5-18 stone. I didn't feel particularly fat but I knew I was.
    I was firmly in the obese part of the BMI scale. Years of not quite enough physical exercise (exacerbated by long term knee injury) and slightly over eating had taken their toll.
    At the time I was suffering from a bout of IBS, and in the course ...

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