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Running Scared....

Utter bollox.

  1. 'Blog this post'

    Quote Originally Posted by Yambo View Post

    Is it possible to do something with the 'Blog this post' linky thing at the bottom left of a post, like get rid of it?

    One heads off to check up on any new blogs and the blog page is full of posts from recent threads. I sure most people don't need to make a blog of comments from elsewhere in the forum and for the life of me I can't see why it's there, or have I missed an important point?
    Anything for you mate.
  2. Starting the club championship.

    As I mentioned I have joined the local running cub and have entered the 2012 championship which runs Sept- August.
    2012 - Easingwold Running Club

    The first round was a mixed surface 10K the following Sunday from the Great north Run.
    Sutton Park 10K - Easingwold Running Club

    The second round was a road 10K the next Sunday (the one just gone).
    Foston & Thornton-le-Clay 10k - Easingwold Running Club

    Three races in three weekends. ...
  3. The BIG Day.

    I got up at 05:45 and threw on my running kit that I'd laid on the spare bed the night before.
    My new Easingwold Running Club running top, complete with my race number

    my trusty Ron Hill shorts (they don't rub unlike my the other two makes I own!), Hilly twin skin socks (no blisters since I bought them) and PT-1000 running shoes.
    Over the top I stuck ...
  4. It ain't over...

    ... until the fat lady sings bloke runs.

    24 weeks of training program followed right up to the last 2 mile easy paced run on Thursday (which was actually including coaching a 1 mile time trial for Lisa and I got her round 30 seconds quicker than the previous week, well done hon. ).

    But that's it. Just 13.1 miles left to do tomorrow.

    Nerves are kicking in, but not about the actual run, more about getting there on time and getting/staying warmed up ...
  5. Three Weeks To Go.

    The count down to the Great North Run continues - live coverage from 09:00 on BBC 1 on the day if anyone wants to play spot the sweaty fat bloke....

    So, my training took a bit of a knock back in June/July, with a 5 week gap to recover from a foot injury.
    Straight back into it for the second half of July though, with the York 10K ( ) and cracking on with the training program.
    I seem to have ...
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