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  1. Climate Change and the Influence of Solar Radiation on it, in Pax-like context

    A m8 of mine asked me by email to discuss properly the global warming thing nicely, particularly the arguments about it being due to solar radiation. I decided to make it a bit of revision and so tapped out a huge long thing that I might use as a very rough draft of an essay or something. So might as well blog it. I'd be happy for any of the TRC scientists to critique it and make sure I haven't got anything wrong .

    The planet receives short wave radiation from the Sun. The atmosphere, ...

    Updated 28-02-08 at 15:57 by Pax

  2. The Mountain Pine Beetle

    .... is a complete bastard if you happen to be a lodgepole pine or one of its close relatives.
    Rising global temperatures occuring in the last twenty years has meant that this particular species of bark beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae), has been abnormally surviving winters in large numbers.

    The beetle burrows into the innermost layer of the bark, the phloem, often in large numbers. The tree responds to this damage with heightened levels of resin production. However, the ...

    Updated 28-02-08 at 15:22 by Pax


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