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  1. Its all kicking off in Calais!

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    Well if it was my lorry they were trying to get into I'd let them. Pile them in twenty deep. I'd stand there calling them over. Then I'd shut the doors and take them back to the camp they came from. Clearly the French authorities weren't doing much to stop them.

    My tuppence worth
    The tear gas used to drive them away from the road looked like they were trying but sheer numbers overwhelmed them.
    Fair comment. I heard some drivers being interviewed and they were ...
  2. Robbin' Bar Stewards

    I was not having the best of days due to my other half having major surgery. Then on my way home my car decides to conk out...again!. It happened a week or so ago, turned out one of the senors in the fuel tank is on the blink.

    So theres me driving down the M5 on my way home from the hospital and the engine dies. i know instanly what it is. No Fuel!! I'm in road works and narrowly miss ploughing down a load of road cones trying to get my now really heavy car onto the hard shoulder. ...
  3. He's seeing other women

    My step dad that is.

    My mum passed away a year ago in february. I always had a feeling there wasn't much of a sex life after my mum took up spiritualism. I've now found out that she told him when she was alive that he was free to sow his wild oats elsewhere but never to bring it home.

    Two of my brothers and one of my sisters still live at home and have been aware of him meeting up with ladies. The knew long before my sister did. She had her suspicions but never confirmed ...
  4. I hate having to ring my head office

    I fell out with one of the girls at my head office a few months back. I was new and not sure of some things so I rang for advice and got some condesending little jumped up bitch who took great delight in belittling me over the phone. Being the wall flower that I am, she got it with both barrels. Five mins later my area manager is on the phone telling me that she had put in a complaint about me being rude. Trust me I took about five miins of personality assasination before I faught back. She, ...
  5. She's gone

    My mum passed away on 20th Feb 2012. No reason given, just that her heart slowed down and stopped. She was the healthest person I knew. Did yoga and meditation twice a day, vegitarian, didn't drink or smoke. 64yr old.......and she's gone. She was found in the front room with a blanket over her knees and a remote control in her hand. My dad said he thought she was asleep as she looked so peaceful. How does this happen?

    Been in London for the last two weeks staying at the family home. ...
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