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  1. Heart stopping moment No's 1 of the day from my eldest

    Had some friends come round last night and didn't get to bed til 2am.
    Knowing I wouldn't want to be up early I set out all the breakfast stuff for the girls so they could help themselves. They got up at 8.30am and I told them to just go get breakfast and I would be down a bit later.
    Half hour later my youngest comes up stairs saying Daisy had dissappeared
    I told her not to be silly, she had to be somewhere. All the doors were locked and so she couldn't get out.
    So ...
  2. How do you say 'NO' to someone?

    Some may be aware Col & I are moving to sunny Scotland at the end of the month. i will be really sad to have to say goodbye to some of the friends I've made round here.

    I've got one friend who has been a rock to me. Her daughter and my eldest, Daisy, are best friends. I don't like the daughter, she is moody and sullen and I've caught her on a couple of occasions pinching my youngest, Jasmine, when she thinks I'm not looking......little bitch. She is very possesive over Daisy ...
  3. She finally passed away

    My nan died last night at the grand age of 93.

    I was very close to her and I will miss her a lot. She was a lovely lady who was the kindest and most thoughtful person I knew. Always listened never judging.
    I wish I could have made her last year on this earth a better one. Alas my step mother took over and made sure it was an unhappy one for her. Shoved her in a home against her wishes. Saying she was doing it for the best, even convinced my dad. She subsequently went rapidly ...
  4. How much????

    For a fucking Valve !!!!!!!

    Just had the pumber round to fix a supposed gas leek. Reckons it's gonna cost 320 to fix it. Said that the valve needs replacing and it costs 197+ vat for the Valve

  5. Little people and being sick

    My two little girlies managed to catch the local bug that's going round

    It started with the youngest first, she started pebble dashing her father in sweetcorn at around 10pm two days ago. This went on til two in the morning with both of us in and out of bed. We kept her in our room for the night coz it was easier than dashing across the landing to find she had chucked up all over her bed. We also have an en-suite which it turned out, it was easier for her to vomit in the shower ...
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