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  1. What have you done today thread?

    Quote Originally Posted by dodgy View Post
    Just had to break it to my son that his best friend’s mum is about to die. Heartbreaking. Hence posting here
    that is not something that anyone would find easy, I am glad you are there to walk with them.
  2. Food - What's your normal Intake.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greenman View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by londondrz View Post
    just had a bowl of poo for lunch and i want to die i am so full.

    i have been eating about 700-1000 calories a day...I feel like shit but if I eat any more I blow chunks and/or have massive cramps.
    i am often dizzy
  3. Preparing to get out again!

    Well, the kit is all sitting on the bed in the spare bedroom, quite amazing walking in there, I had forgotten how strongly leather clothing smelled! The aroma takes me instantly back ten years, the only thing missing now is the whiff of hot motorcycle, cooling steel, oil and rubber seeping into the house.
    The boxes and bags contain new helmets, gloves and boots…all un-sullied, not covered in dead flies and the dye is the colour intended by the manufacturers, I fear this will change!
  4. It's been a while!

    It seems the last real blog post was in 2008! gosh, SIX years have passed since I felt the urge to just "put something out there"!

    in that time friends have come and gone, life has rolled by as expected with all of the petty triumphs and losses of modern living. I wrote about my first trip to Italy in this blog, I loved that trip and it changed my life forever. I have gone from just having a holiday in Italy to owning my own place out there and starting a new network of great ...
  5. 'Quite' windy here, what've you got?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1913 View Post
    Getting really bad here now, the fried onions have just kicked in, duvet security is marginal.
    It's lovely here. Little bit of wind...bit I blame last night's Chinese for that!
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