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  1. Itís time.

    I went to visit Visordown yesterday, this was the forum most of the people on TRC were using when we first met.
    I was saddened to discover that it no longer exists.
    When I joined that forum, Facebook was still asking which college you were at ( it was an online meeting place for students), everyone had a email address, and Amazon was, to most people, how you described a large but attractive woman, or a rain forest.

    I feel I know why the formal forum environment ...
  2. Preparing to get out again!

    Well, the kit is all sitting on the bed in the spare bedroom, quite amazing walking in there, I had forgotten how strongly leather clothing smelled! The aroma takes me instantly back ten years, the only thing missing now is the whiff of hot motorcycle, cooling steel, oil and rubber seeping into the house.
    The boxes and bags contain new helmets, gloves and bootsÖall un-sullied, not covered in dead flies and the dye is the colour intended by the manufacturers, I fear this will change!
  3. It's been a while!

    It seems the last real blog post was in 2008! gosh, SIX years have passed since I felt the urge to just "put something out there"!

    in that time friends have come and gone, life has rolled by as expected with all of the petty triumphs and losses of modern living. I wrote about my first trip to Italy in this blog, I loved that trip and it changed my life forever. I have gone from just having a holiday in Italy to owning my own place out there and starting a new network of great ...
  4. Traveling independently and VERY cheaply

    I just spent a few days in Rome with Mrs Adamski... it cost three fifths of flip all and was amazing fun!
    The only thing I would point out to prospective travelers on the cheap is that for some odd reason the Hotels in Rome become MASSIVE fibbers when it's time to advertise on the net!!
    Also... it might be nice to know WHO exactly awards the stars which appear in the adverts!!
    My recent escapade was at a "four star" hotel in the center of Rome... five minutes from the ...
  5. Blogging Old Skool!

    I recently received a very odd thing... A REAL letter, through the post... not a bill... not junk mail... a real hand written letter from a friend I respect greatly, who does in fact make Stephen Fry seem a dribbling mong, it has made me smile for the last three days.
    He suggested that if I enjoyed the experience I should send a couple myself... a kind of chain letter without the element of luck or implied threats!
    Today I bought a book of first class stamps and once my work was completed ...
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