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  1. German Shepherd Rescue Stuff

  2. Day three of post holiday real life

    I've just noticed I have mod rights on this blog. Does this mean I can send myself to the Naughty Corner?
    What fun.
    What are blogs for anyway?
    What is anything for?

    Last night Mathew,
    I was a Factory Completist
    But Tonight Mathew
    I'm going to be with Jesus...
  3. Blog

    Today I forgot to take my lap top to work. So I did six months worth of filing! It was the most productive day I have had in years.

    This evening I decided to look for a large socket I once bought to do up the crankshaft pulley nut on my old car, I looked in every toolbox, lots of old drawers and boxes in the loft and in the bottom of the airing cupboard which is my official tool storage space. ...

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