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Musings of a hairy Irishman.............

  1. Cold Turkey is harder than it looks.............

    by , 13-01-13 at 22:14 (Musings of a hairy Irishman.............)
    At Christmas, I looked about me and thought "I'm going to give up the bikes"

    At the time it seemed rather logical, I have a shed, a huge elderly ST1100, an equally elderly Bandit, a GSXR1100 streetfighter needing finished, most of another slabside and a CB250 all sitting doing nothing. I wouldn't sell the Bandit, I would be keeping the shed and I'm very fond of the old beast anyway, co it could stay, the fighter just needs paint, the ST would go on Gumtree and the assorted ...
  2. I hate technology!

    by , 03-09-10 at 13:21 (Musings of a hairy Irishman.............)
    I suppose I was doing about 90 when I noticed the red light, the road round the Ards penninsula was deserted at that time of the morning, and the SV was thrumming along happily, presumably the local residents were not as happy at the noise, but at that speed, I wouldn't be long in earshot for long, but I was distracted by the glow from beside the rev counter, and as Billy Ocean once said "Red light spells danger!!!"

    I quickly dropped my eyes to the LCD panel, praying there ...
  3. Living on an Island............

    by , 12-08-10 at 13:31 (Musings of a hairy Irishman.............)
    On of the disadvantages of living on the Emerald Isle is that it costs so bloody much to get off it. Sure you can get a cheap Ryanair flight, but by the time you add up all the charges and transport to the airport and the plastic bags you need etc, then by feck it adds up. Plus, giving that odious wee shite O'Leary money would make me feel grubby to say the least.

    I'll be honest, I don't like flying, I admire the machine, but I don't like the whole experience, the airport, the feeling ...
  4. That time of year again................

    by , 01-04-10 at 13:58 (Musings of a hairy Irishman.............)
    Spring has sprung, and as usual there's crap weather heralding what is, to me, the start of my riding year. and with that, the inevitable legalities that the government say I need to keep my bike on the road.

    Insurance was taken care of from the comfort of my armchair, MOT was pretty much a formality as well for a bike that is more pampered than Paris Hilton which leads me on to the subject of Tax.

    In NI, we have a body, called the DVA which is in charge of all the driving ...
  5. Old Faithful...............

    by , 24-03-10 at 15:33 (Musings of a hairy Irishman.............)
    It's August 2005, and I'm standing looking at the BMW R80 that I had lavished much care on, wondering why, it had tried to kill me. Coming back to Stranraer, we were late for the ferry, I was pushing the old BM for all it was worth, turning the A77 into my own private TT circuit, certainly I had never ridden that particular stretch of Scottish tarmac so quickly, probably I had never ridden the BM so quickly, I wanted to get my feet back on Irish soil and nothing was going to stop me.
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