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Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff

This blog was created so I could share my recipes for curries and also to record in one place recipes others suggest.

  1. Ceviche recipe

    by , 26-10-15 at 12:49 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnglishman View Post
    GS - please post ceviche recipe.
    So, I had ceviche at the beginning of 2014. Long story short I thought "wow". So began a mission to try and make it. My friend gave me her recipe but, as is my way, I decided to google. And there are loads of recipes and ideas out there. And by the end of 2014 I was basically full circle to approximatly the recipe I started with.

    Below is the recipe and my notes, these were done as I was going along so I am simply going to post ...
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  2. Bombay Potatoes - the curry house recipe

    by , 12-08-12 at 10:26 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    One of the problems I have cooking Indian food is that people ask me to make a madras, a jal freizi or a korma. These names mean nothing to me since I cook curry like my mum taught me so I have, over time, had to learn what these terms mean. And whilst I cannot cook British Standard Curry house curries I have got to a point where it is passable to the point I can talk off the inconsistency to the standard as “my take on it”.

    That said the vegetable dish I get asked most for is Bombay ...
    Curry Recipes
  3. Venison Casserole

    by , 22-07-12 at 13:23 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    Our local butcher had some diced venison a while back and priced very reasonably. So I bought a packet, threw it into the freezer and promptly forgot about it. Whilst checking the contents of the freezer in prep for Sunday dinner I discovered the packet and decided that it was time I cooked it.

    So this is the recipe I used last night, if nothing else it’ll mean when I need it again I know where to look

    • 1lb diced venison
    • 4 rashers of smoked streaky bacon
    • 1
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  4. How to blog ?

    by , 31-03-12 at 05:07 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    Quote Originally Posted by 2ptjoe View Post
    Well how do you ?

    It seems a few ' un sharp ' people on here are feeling the need to poke fun at a blog i may choose to write.
    To do this i need to know how of course.

    Do i do this via a thread i've done or seperate.?
    Yes, I know. On the face of a strange question but how many times have people been told "get a blog". So this is a demonstration of how you write a blog about someones post.

    Hows that 2pt?
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  5. Day 17 of the attempted drinkless

    by , 17-01-11 at 19:58 (Go_slows blog for recipes and general cooking stuff)
    Well, longer then I had hoped between posts and not a good report this one.

    I got sick and tired of not being able to sleep so ended up having a drink. Yep, they helped. So I carried on with having a drink of a night till I got back to work last week. And last week was spent not drinking but experimenting with various combinations of drinks to find something I would prefer to drink.

    And then back home at the weekend where friday night and saturday night I drank. And now ...
    Random Ruminations
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