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  1. Greenzeph's Avatar
    going to try Masala chana tonight
  2. trophydan's Avatar
    Thanks GS - I have been meaning to print and digest for several years now, and just found this blog post. Co-incidentally, and fortunately a visiting Indian colleague has just given me a carrier bag full of spices to add to my collection :-) Only thing I am missing, but she has promised to post, are curry leaves.
  3. Silly Car's Avatar
    Just made a minor variation of this and it is bloomin' gorgeous.

    I may have to knock some heat out of it tomorrow when I serve it, but we shall see
  4. Editor's Avatar
    that was damned good! Needed salt; yes I know we auto think of seasoning !

    I made this with what I had to hand. Didn't have any ginger (must get lazy in), which I think was somewhat important. Certainly needed the 2 tbs of GM, which I made up fresh. Not properly-no time to shell cardamons but good enough. Also spotted the sharwoods madra powder at the back of the cupboard & chucked that in. Possibly an error but this dish was very accomodating & it's worth having a poke about to see what needs using up. The really good thing for this household is I reckon it can survive without the garlic-but in that case more onions & certainly use the ginger.

    I don't like my hand blender as much as I used to. IMO get the proper tall bugger out, chuck it all in & whizz. Does it all far finer, you don't miss anything & it's vastly faster.

    Thank you-a really good addition to the reptoire. Goan feeeesh next!
  5. Editor's Avatar
    bit late now as it's on the hob, but, ermm, how wet or dry is this meant to end up please?

    Prob about time I admitted I've never had this dish either! So I don't quite know what I'm aiming for. I'm guessing drier rather than swimming. Well that's what I've set a course for! It's looking like sauce kind of clinging to it-hope I'm vaguely there.

    Can't taste the stock for the life of me. But then again I only had green chillis & I CBA to deseed them. It is, of course, quite warmish. Shaping up well then.

    Damned essential (well the way I've done it) about stirring every so often whilst the whole thing is simmering. It's on very low in a non-nonstick saute pan. i.e. bare metal. But it is on about 1 & 1/8th on an electric.

    I'm looking forward to this whatever it turns out like-thank you for the travel tips!
  6. go_slow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lily
    this is on the menu for the weekend. may have a few questions regarding the meat and cooking time depending on what i find at the butchers
    No worries, ask away
  7. go_slow's Avatar
    It was better tasting than beef I think, I always find beef hit and miss at the top end even when I get it from the butcher but with venison it either is or isnt.
  8. Lily's Avatar
    this is on the menu for the weekend. may have a few questions regarding the meat and cooking time depending on what i find at the butchers
  9. Editor's Avatar
    lovely classic recipe, but the crucial thing is how did it taste compared to the usual beef jobbie please?

    If you CBA sauteing the mushrooms & some of those wee baby onions whole in another pan in butter & adding them a bit before serving it is more trad. It does make for a difference, but I only really bother if the beef is outstanding in the 1st place.
  10. jenkins's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 2ptjoe
    Very clever.

    Next on the list , how to give me a spell checker :-)

    That's where Moth comes in.
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