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Olivier Spanners

  1. Only

  2. It all comes together.

    After being shocked at the First TRC Bank Roll Swindle I decided to move up a gear and have had a storming day at the tables.

    Very nice!

    Updated 31-01-08 at 17:20 by Olivier Spanners

  3. mid-week shuffle

    Well after a good day in the casino yesterday, rising to top roulette player and ranking in the top ten richest players I returned to the tables this morning and had a terrible start losing around 600 quid.

    I bounced back after lunch with some very lucky moves, clawing back most of my earlier losses.

    Up on the day and back in the top ten!

    Updated 30-01-08 at 17:46 by Olivier Spanners

  4. Blogg entry 2

    Tuesday 29th January 2008

    Slept through my alarm and got in late.

    One of the cats was sick all of over the lounge. I can tell this is going to be a bad day.
  5. A Day in the Life of Olivier Spanners

    Day off today.

    Recieved more negative anonymous hits for some very witty and informative posts. Hoping it will improve tomorrow. There's been alot of talk about naming the culprits, I hope it happens coz I'd like to know who keeps hitting me for no reason.

    Updated 28-01-08 at 17:42 by Olivier Spanners


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