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  1. Silly Car's Avatar
    It might well be cherry...
  2. demographic's Avatar
    Oak? I thought it was cherry? Can't remember what I posted to who now.
  3. mrlongbeard's Avatar
    Deffo on my list of things to get even though I can get shaving sharp with their turnbox set on my better pocket knives.
    Me thinks a trip down to Barry is in order
  4. Deer Stalker's Avatar
    Yes, equally happy with my relatively recent purchase of the Lansky system. I bought a load of Victornix knives about 9 months ago with plastic handles, the blades are good but didn't cost a fortune by any means and you can buy them by the item.

    Might be worth a look
  5. Silly Car's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gandy
    551 shit
    Over 7,000 now
  6. Anglomaniac's Avatar
    pictures next time!!
  7. Bigyin's Avatar
    I assume what we spoke of tonight and what i sent you will add a new chapter to this ......... will wait and see how it develops but you'll do fine
  8. Reburner's Avatar
    I would have thought, working with legally binding complex documents , as you do, that you would have learned the 'never trust a handshake agreement' bit a long time ago. Management come and go and no one is going to honour previous agreements that a) are not legally binding and b) there is no evidence of.

    As for them being 'somewhat fucked' it never surprises me how you see new management appointed who do not have the skills to do the job and then immediately alienate the people who they need to rely on.

    Best of luck.
  9. gandy's Avatar
    551 shit
  10. Hudson's Avatar
    I worked in Commercial Banking for 21 years and the comment you made......''there is no such thing as an amicable termination of employment and you really learn who your true friends are...'' says it all.... i never (ever) thought that any of my peers at the banks were friends, its a job, and only a job, nothing more and nothing less. I was paid a salary to do what it said in my contract and i did, i was owed nothing else. I left with a large amount of cash when i opted for the voluntary redundancy package and never looked back. I am glad your settled now, just forget it all and move on, life is so short.
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