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Blog Comments

  1. redorzed's Avatar
    The SuperDream is now dead dude

    The piiigs took an interested in it, referred it to the DVLA who muttered something about filling in paperwork, not changing frames/engines without telling them, revoked the number plate, demanded the bike was presented for Q-plating and generally pissed on my chips.
  2. Editor's Avatar
    treasure that man.

    And start a superdream thread!
  3. redorzed's Avatar
    I was chuffed

    It's worth finding a good mot person and sticking with them. Previously it was Harley Pete, who motted every single bike I ever owned, although he once refused to even start on one particular incarnation of a SuperDream* because it was "too yellow". TBF, it was very, very yellow.

    *That SuperDream had many incarnations
  4. Big Pete's Avatar
    outstanding, and rare.
  5. Fallen Angel's Avatar
    I am consideringly more smug than you...

  6. jenkins's Avatar
    Eh? Context please. Are you the smuger or smugee?

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