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  1. insignificant things that rile you and boil your piss

    The pointless murder of trees. Yes, everyone hates trees, stupid green fuckers waving their tentacle type things around, hurling leaves everywhere, intentionally causing rail chaos, collapsing on peoples houses all the time. Death to trees, fine.

    But to seriously execute the bloody things to tell me shit I didn't care about and was never going to care about? Stoppit, just stoppit. Today some bunch of scopers has written to me, on a sheet of A4, enclosing an A5 booklet of 24 pages, ...
  2. mot customer service!

    Took the XJ6/Divvy S to Gardener & White this morning. 9am mot, blergh

    Straight on the brake tester - front all OK (cos I stripped & cleaned it, different m/c, Goodridge hose), back one; pedal goes clear to the floor, sorta like stepping onna plum.

    Bugger bugger

    "Can I take it away & come back later?" "where do you live? ohh there, no sir, you can't take it away".

    "But if ...
  3. Yay, more smugness

    WTF is going on around here "I don't like this thing you are all talking about, so >I< don't do it". Who gives a shit?

    "you are not nearly as good a rider as >I<, for I am super-rider, I can see invisible things, peer round corners and read other peoples minds. Perhaps if you practised, you might never be as good as >>me<<"

    just fuck the hell off or take your head out of your arse, which-ever
  4. Self righteous bastards

    Is it just me or has there been an outbreak of insufferable law-abiding, perfect riding smugness?

    I'm sure it takes all sorts to make a world, but the level of self righteousness is getting on tits.

    finger wagging head shaking cuddly wuddly beary beary boos. Feck orf, theres load of old git forums to complain about other people doing it wrong on the roads.

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