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  1. The Lansky Deluxe Knfe Sharpening Kit

    This one:

    Is simply the mutt's nuts!

    I recently bought a Japanese knife sharpener from Rutlands as a replacement to the ageing Kitchen Devil item I have worn out keeping an edge on my kitchen knives and to be fair it did a good job of putting an edge on, even better when I put some water on the stones, but it was a coarse finish which felt like it was tearing ...

    Updated 19-12-14 at 06:15 by Silly Car

  2. Never Trust Your Employer When They Become Your Ex-Employer...

    Here is a woeful tale entitled Never Trust Your Employer When They Become Your Ex-Employer

    So, here is the background, I worked for a firm for 10 years or more, with only ever one complaint falling against me and that was with great thanks to my previous employer stitching me up in any case. Otherwise a completely blemish free career, in most cases ahead of my target and therefore not costing them a penny in salary which fell short of the required levels of production.
  3. Pulled Pork - Sous Vide style

    Somehow, at the weekend, I decided that it was a good idea to not only defrost a 3lb leg of pork joint, but also a similar sized chunk of shoulder, both from my day playing at being a butcher!

    The leg joint was roasted and there was a hint of cracking on the top, but not a huge amount, I don't know whether this is due to using a fan oven, the cooking method (hot as hell for 10 mins, then around 2 hours at a lower temperature or the preparation, joint defrosted in the fan oven, so nice ...
  4. I am never employing a tradesman again, ever!

    How fucking hard can it be to get a bricklayer who is reliable?

    I have had a bastard of a job getting a builder to pull down and rebuild the back wall of my property, first guy quoted an inordinate amount in materials even though I specified I wanted the cheapest possible job doing and took the pip when I said I wanted to supply my own goods. Yes, I know he is in business to make a profit but to charge 100% over the top on every material and still expect me to accept it was unreasonable. ...
  5. Never Decreasing Circles...

    I suspect this thread will descend into a pit of despair fairly quickly, but I have been reading the TRC Rollcall thread and I must admit I am a little disappointed in the general undertone of some of the replies...

    DodgetheRog has obviously spent a lot of time putting together those words and when he read it out at the Memorial Meet, he was met with acknowledging nods, smiles, titters and a round of applause at the end. He has captures a lot of what the spirit of TRC is all ...
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