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Spongehs blogy wogy

  1. Still can't decide which bike to go for next.

    As Im about to take my DAS and I have time on my hands while laid up in bed. I've been looking at what my first big bike could be.

    Current bike is Big Trailie - Honda XL125V Varadero
    I use my bike to commute to work every day, but shortly will be getting a company car and as such I can go from AWB to FWB.

    Big trailie
    Honda Transalp I like it, but its a bit boring
    Kawasaki Versys Funky, built quality

    Sports Bike
    Honda CBR600F ...
  2. Still feel crap :(

    Now on my 4th day laid up in bed while my body tries to turn itself inside out
    Blog Babble

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